Get creative with comments!  

community 34F
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9/20/2013 11:45 am
Get creative with comments!

We recently added an experimental feature for comments in the Activity Feed and Likebox where members can post Bling, smilies, tags, and tables.

You have 250 characters to show off your personality when leaving a comment on pictures and videos on the site.

Try it out and let us know if it's working properly. Feel free to post some pictures here of any creative ways you're using Bling, tables, or tags in comments.

UPDATE: This feature now works with all comments across the site. You have 250 characters to use Bling and HTML to have more fun with your comments.


wd40w 66M
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11/8/2013 6:15 am

Anyone who believes any numbers posted anywhere on this site about anything…needs a …Once upon a time this crap would not post until the member approved it Now it just shows up…really piss poor idea, contributing to the code bloat this site is wallowing in.

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Centaur_UK 42M
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10/22/2013 3:15 pm

    Quoting  :

I find it funny that before i quoted you in my previous comment, all the votes on the comments on this blog were against this stupid new site feature, not only on my 1st comment, but also on the other members comments here who express a similar opinion to mine.
Now you seem to have a lot of people agreeing with you all of a sudden, did you get all your friends to come here and vote to agree with you? Lol.
Of course you have a right to express your opinion just as i have a right to mine, i just merely pointed out that all the comments being made here (apart from yours) were against this new feature.
Have you actually taken the time to read all the comments on this blog from all the members?
Surely then you must see that you are in the minority?
I am just stating a FACT.
In answer to your question, yes i do watch videos on the site and i have also posted my own on my profile. I just don't see the need to add colours or bling to the comments there.
When lots of people are complaining about the message centre or the huge amount of fake profiles on here, in blogs, groups, site support, etc, i can't for the life of me see why the site would spend time and resources on a feature such as this?
As others have already pointed out its complete and utter nonsense.
Its a matter of priorities.
I would also disagree with your claim that video makers are more popular than bloggers. Where do you get your figures for that?
As you mention the background bling for profiles, it is a totally different issue entirely from this new feature shown here on this blog. If you know the history of the site, then you will know profile background bling was a feature on this site for ages going back years and years. There was a huge opposition to it being taken away from the members here when it was removed as a feature a couple of years ago. It was a big issue and talking point on the blogs and in many groups at the time, and many members left the site because of it.
So WHY does the site give this silly new feature when it seems no one was asking for it, yet they take away the profile background bling, when a huge part of the site, blogging community, etc, wanted to keep that feature?
It does'nt make any sense to me at all????
The ONLY reason i liked profile background bling feature was because it was a good way of telling a real profile from the many fake accounts on here.
I know those profiles with profile background bling were real because you had to manually type in a bling code to get that bling as your profile background, which fake profiles would NEVER bother to do.
Just for the record i never bother to use colour crayons to write like a 5 year old on any of my blog comments. I have no intention of doing so in the future either. It really would'nt bother me if the site removed the use of colour in written text in blogs because i just never use that feature.
I'd trade that for a more user friendly message centre any day of the week, thanks.
As most of the people who have commented on this blog have said, i don't think half of the people using the site will even be aware of this new feature anyway, lol.
Is it any wonder the site recently went into bankruptcy when they keep coming up with crap like this?
Members are voting with their wallets and not renewing memberships. Its about time the executives who run the site realise this and wake up before its too late.

and.............WARNING for Porn viewers

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Centaur_UK 42M
1772 posts
10/19/2013 8:07 am

    Quoting  :

You seem to be in the minority then if you think this feature is a good idea, the votes on the comments on this blog prove that beyond any shadow of doubt.
Also why do we need colouring crayons and bling to make our comments unique?
Surely each comment is unique as long as the wording is different.
This is an adult site and it just seems to me that this feature is very silly and childish.
There are much more important and demanding issues the site should be spending its time and resources on.

and.............WARNING for Porn viewers

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JN63JPN 57F  
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9/28/2013 3:00 am

I believe that there are other critical issues to address than allowing blings and tags on comments. Why is the site wasting precious resources on frivolous features?

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rdy2try4 54F  
3194 posts
9/24/2013 9:02 pm

    Quoting Koffla:
    Does anybody pays attention to the activity feed? I've personally despise, and can honestly say I have never used that useless feature.

I can't agree MORE!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I do not need nor WANT anyone, and I mean ANYONE posting to my page without ME having a freaking say so in it. We already have to watch our photos like a hawk for the jerks that think it is a place to slam us and make insults. I do not need another freaking place to watch for some jerk and his childish, immature vitriole aimed at me because I won't f*ck him. There are things WAAAYYYY more important than giving people crayons to write on other people's pages/walls like we are all a bunch of freaking 5 year olds. At least with the testimonials they do NOT post until "I".. let me repeat that.. UNTIL "I" GIVE the freaking okay to it. Now you give them 250 words to do it and it can post and be there for how long until someone finds it and removes it???

I DO NOT want my 'activities' listed for the world to see.
I DO NOT want people posting on my pages.
IF BLING is so important now, echoing Centaur, then GIVE THEM BACK AS BACKGROUND so we CAN show our personality. Funny how it wasn't important enough to keep personality for THAT.
I DO want someone to actually listen to people and stop with this insanity.

Aryana, I know this is not your fault. I know you did not make this decision. I can't say it and repeat what others are saying enough, there is WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS to be doing than giving childish crap to us as if this was kindergarten. Work on things that NEED to be worked on... i.e. the message center!! Yeah THAT thing again. How about the rise in Fakes and stuff?? How about the IMC that people constantly say is not right. Oh yeah.. leaving comments on other people's profiles without their permission, whether they like it or want it there or not, is MUCH more important. I see it as if someone could come to my home and just start spray painting on it and I have no say so. F*ck that chit!!!!

I am sure the negatives will accummulate for me

Centaur_UK 42M
1772 posts
9/21/2013 10:28 am

Yet again another totally pointless feature that i can't see any real desire or demand for?
Honestly who comes up with these ideas???
It seems to me like it's something else that's been ripped off and copied from facebook.
I certainly WON'T be using this feature!
In terms of the use of bling on the site, what there WAS real demand and desire for from members was the option to keep and use bling as a profile background!
If i've said it once i've probably said it a hundred times now, but the site still does'nt seem to be listenening, PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE OPTION TO USE PROFILE BACKGROUND BLING!
The vast majority of members never wanted that feature taken away, the members and the blogging community spoke loud and clear at the time it was taken away, and WE WANT IT BACK!
In light of the company's recent chapter 11 bankruptcy ruling (it's been all over the blogs, so don't deny it), when is someone going to start to learn lessons from the past and actually start listening to the members????
Arrrrghhhhhhh, give me strengh, lol.

and.............WARNING for Porn viewers

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DollyLeBourbon 46F
1 post
9/20/2013 4:05 pm

I actually play around with the activity feed. I love to comment on photos, and just searching suggested matches I find I miss some really great photos. There are also some (ahem!) broadcasts that I might otherwise miss that catch my eye.

I like what AntiquePearl said...that she doesn't use it and she just ignores it. Pretty much I feel like that about most of the site: that you use it for what YOU want, and ignore what you don't need.

I think the new feature is cute, but I'm not sure I'd use it.

rm_cherimore 59F
11162 posts
9/20/2013 3:48 pm

Just tested for you.
I use Html Table code and blings in the comment. Look like it works. But I will test another one with font size, add color maybe and different table to be sure that work or maybe there is a restriction on the size because of the width of the comment space.


Koffla 63M  
55702 posts
9/20/2013 3:28 pm

Does anybody pays attention to the activity feed? I've personally despise, and can honestly say I have never used that useless feature.

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