🌮😋👩‍❤ Rub a dub dub ‍💋‍👩2️⃣  

pal334 65M  
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3/9/2020 7:40 am

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3/10/2020 4:18 pm

🌮😋👩‍❤ Rub a dub dub ‍💋‍👩2️⃣

I am just wondering,,, Am I the only one that enjoys sharing my bath or shower with my partner? Washing each other with handfuls of soap, caressing the skin, being naughty at times?. Do you have the opportunity to bath or shower with your partner? Is it off limits to you? What are your thoughts, is it fun and sexy, or not?

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pal334 65M  
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3/9/2020 7:44 am

Always use caution [image]

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Tmptrzz 57F  
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3/9/2020 9:40 am

Happy Monday Pal, it's a lot of fun but unfortunately it hasn't happened in sometime. I hope your day is a great start to your week..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scott6250 57M
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3/9/2020 10:55 am

Rub a dub dub me and a chick in da tub! Love having some fun in the tub with my lovers.

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lv2play2469 63M
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3/9/2020 11:08 am

Think I suddenly have the need to go take a shower...

SimpleLatina 55F
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3/9/2020 12:23 pm

Oh yes, warm water and soap does get my attention

sweet_VM 61F
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3/9/2020 3:43 pm

Good question. Can be lots of fun Pal. Hugs V

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