😻😲 Maybe just the tip?  

pal334 65M  
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3/13/2020 8:04 am

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3/15/2020 3:51 pm

😻😲 Maybe just the tip?

I have noticed several posts about pleasing a guy with oral sex (BJ) . While I am always pleased and very appreciative of her efforts, what about the ladies? My experience has been that most ladies are equally appreciative of oral attention. It can be a delightful part of foreplay . Sometimes it takes some exploring of my partner to find exactly what and how to please her . But it is and will always be my pleasure to please. When I was younger, I will admit that I was not very proficient. It took time and several patient partners to improve. And in fact I think that continuous improvement is important. Being able to please her, especially this way is so much fun. Ladies, is oral sex important to you? Is there a particular method that you enjoy ? In your experience, are your partners willing to at least try? Guys, are you willing to participate? Do you enjoy it?

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pal334 65M  
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3/13/2020 8:08 am

Following her response (s) is the most fun [image]

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SimpleLatina 55F
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3/13/2020 9:58 am

Boy, when he does pay attention it is heavenly

scott6250 57M
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3/13/2020 11:06 am

My partners have at least tried it. I'm a willing participant to performing oral on my ladies.

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pocogato12 67F  
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3/13/2020 2:20 pm

I had a few men in my past that either would not try it at all or didnt like when I was the "teacher" ( kinda acted like they were insulted or their ego was hurt.
But OH MY when you find one who not only enjoys it but responds to ones indications KAPOW

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Tmptrzz 57F  
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3/13/2020 4:22 pm

Your so right us ladies do enjoy equal attention, but in saying that it does give me greater pleasure when I am satisfying my man orally. I hope your Friday has been a great one and your weekend even better..

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sweet_VM 61F
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3/13/2020 6:26 pm

One of the most important is oral Pal. I am not telling you my secret. Hugs V

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Reneemntv 67T
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3/15/2020 12:04 pm

I have always enjoyed eating a nice pussy and trying my best to satisfy my partner orally. They seem to enjoy it more when I enjoy it more too. I also enjoy sucking a nice cock and feeling it get hard and cumming in my mouth. I guess I just enjoy pleasing my partner, whomever it might be.

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