Stupid much???  

Crazyfairy42574 46F  
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4/15/2020 6:46 am
Stupid much???

Ok. First off, this is not a blog about other people's stupidity. It's about mine....

I finally brought my computer over here. It's easier to play games and blog on it than my phone.

I hardly ever got to get on it. If my was here, she was on it. If not my roommates were. Usually, just watching videos on the tube.

We were celebrating my birthday early the other day and drinking a lot. Everyone decided to argue over who got to be on my computer. So,,, what do I do?? I decide to put a password on it so only me and my can get on there without permission.

Not a big deal. EXCEPT... I was drunk. I know what password I tried to use. Problem is, evidently I had a case of fat finger and hit a wrong key somewhere in there.

Now even I can't seem to get on it. I try to reset it and it just tells me I need a floppy disc ( lol ) or USB. My computer doesn't have a floppy drive, the CD player doesn't work, and I dont have a USB to reset anything. I got the computer from my grandmother when she died...

So I now just have a set of speakers that weigh almost as much as me.

Anyone else have a really stupid moment during all this social distancing shit?
Please share and give us all a laugh.

pal334 66M  
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5/10/2020 6:34 am

Knock on wood here. I have not had any problems, but I did come close. Wishing you luck

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merlot5555 64M  
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4/18/2020 6:23 am that is some funny stuff.... hope you find a cure......

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 4/20/2020 6:39 am:
Glad I could give you a laugh. And so far, the cure I found was to disconnect my computer and place it in the closet...

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4/15/2020 11:23 am

Hey, Cf42574.

*425's Interesting*

We Might Share A B-day?


Crazyfairy42574 replies on 4/15/2020 3:23 pm:
Except for the year, yes we do. You are the second person I've ever spoken to that shares my bday.

author51 57F  
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4/15/2020 7:43 am

Only when I have been drinking, does something like that happen when it comes to I thinned out my own hair earlier due to social distancing but am blogging about it with new photos this luck and you should be able to reset that password somehow to get back in,I would think...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Crazyfairy42574 replies on 4/15/2020 3:25 pm:
You are a braver woman than me... I will not touch my hair during this. Lol
Cant wait to see.
Be safe.

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