😻😲 Pizza and beer?  

pal334 66M  
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5/1/2020 7:42 am

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5/3/2020 6:33 am

😻😲 Pizza and beer?

Pizza and beer. My tastes in alcoholic beverages is rather simple, an ice cold beer and I am a happy camper. I tend towards draft beer, although I would not refuse my favorite beer, which is "free and cold ". It is such a simple beverage that has lasted through out the ages in various forms and formulas. A nice lager is my choice. The darker ones just do not suit my palate although the world wide popularity that they enjoy can not be denied. Yu can not deny, a nice pizza with the beer makes for a lovely repast . I would tend to cheese and almost anything else. Is beer a favorite for you? Do you have a special type or brand that you enjoy? If you do, please drink responsibly.

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pal334 66M  
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5/1/2020 7:45 am

I can not deny that this is one of my top favorites [image]

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SimpleLatina 56F
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5/1/2020 8:57 am

Beer and pizza? I am all in, cold beer, cheese pizza

Tmptrzz 57F
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5/1/2020 3:46 pm

Beer and Pizza does go well together, but I only drink a beer every once in a great while and it's got to be bud light. Now you have made me want my favorite pizza today. I hope you get to enjoy your favorite beer and pizza today..And have a great evening..

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5/2/2020 12:14 am

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Canadian bacon for me with double cheese but hold the beer.Leaves me feeling too gassy and bloated.I will have the occasional cold beer on a hot summer's day on my back porch but only one or two during the summer..Merlot lover here.....lol. Goes good with pizza as well.....xoxo

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sweet_VM 62F
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5/2/2020 6:37 am

Beer and pizza sounds good to me too. Nice and cold. You can’t go wrong hugs V

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pocogato12 68F  
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5/2/2020 12:49 pm

There are a LOT of craft beer breweries within in driving distance . I love to go and do the sampler boards and try the mini-pizza on "english" muffins and then move on to the next brewer. At home, however, I distress my friends- I drink milk with pizza preferably 4 cheese with sausage and black olives

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