Hotmail - General Tips for Receiving All of Your TransDate Emails:

1. Do not click the "Junk" button when you are viewing any TransDate email. Marking one TransDate email as junk will cause all other emails from TransDate to be automatically delivered to your Junk Email folder and deleted.

2. Check your Junk Email folder and remove all TransDate emails: if you find an email from TransDate in your Junk Email folder, check the box next to the email and click the "Not Junk" button.

3. Complete the following steps to ensure that you receive all future TransDate emails:

a) Choose "Options" at the upper right of your inbox screen.

b) Click on the first mail option, "Junk E-Mail Protection."

c) Click the "Safe List" link.

d) Type "" in the address box and click the "Add" button.